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AXIS and ggy

GGY a Moody’s Analytics Company is a software company located in Toronto, Canada. Our primary business is developing, maintaining, selling and supporting AXIS, an actuarial software product designed for use by the life insurance industry. As part of our support for AXIS, we also offer infrastructure service and software to support both hosted and cloud based installations of AXIS which we refer to as GGY Cloud Services.

GGY's staff is dedicated to maintaining and improving AXIS and supporting our clients' current and future requirements. Our team includes actuaries, systems development professionals and quality control specialists. We have no other distracting priorities or commitments. Training, documentation, full-time client support and on-going enhancements are included as intrinsic parts of the system.

This website gives a brief overview of the benefits of AXIS, as well as information on system requirements, licensing and other AXIS topics. These pages are intended as an introduction only. For further information, or to arrange a demonstration of AXIS, please feel free to contact Rob Hrischenko or Serge Boutet at GGY.

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