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Phil Gold created AXIS prior to 1989 while working at a reinsurance company in Toronto. AXIS was developed as a decision making tool so that the company could quickly analyze risks and obtain the results needed to make informed decisions. The information produced had to be useful to actuaries and other financial people but it also needed to be easily communicated to decision makers at the higher levels in the organization.

In 1989, Dave Gilliland, Phil Gold and Bill Young formed GGY to continue development of the system and to market it to the insurance industry. Speed, ease of use, flexibility, functionality and integrity of code are at the forefront of GGY's system philosophy. Our clients are the reason we are in business and our goal is to have each and every user be a positive reference for GGY and AXIS. This customer focused philosophy ensures that our clients have an excellent system as well as excellent support.

In March, 2016, GGY was acquired by Moody’s Corporation, as part of Moody’s Analytics, to complement and contribute to their growing suite of risk solutions for insurers and to continue the pursuit of GGY’s vision of AXIS as the system of choice for life insurance companies to best model, analyze and understand their business.

AXIS is currently used in over 170 companies worldwide with over 3400 users, most of which are located in US or Canada. Many of our clients operate in multiple countries. We serve about 100 direct writing companies, about 25 reinsurers and over 35 consulting companies.

We devotes all its resources to improving the system and servicing clients. We want to ensure that the system remains up-to-date and easy to use, and that the service we provide is complete and timely. As a vital part of Moody’s Analytics, our future is bright.

To find out more about AXIS contact Rob Hrischenko or Serge Boutet.


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