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2013 IDI Base Incidence and Termination Rates and Modifiers Tables (August, 2016)

Article Summary:

The 2013 IDI Base Incidence Rates, Termination Rates and their respective Modifiers are available in the attached dataset.

The attached dataset contains AXIS tables required for the calculation of 2013 IDI Valuation Tables (2013 IDI). It contains tables for Base Incidence Rates, Termination Rates and their respective Modifiers.

The tables are based on the December 2015 Report presented to the NAIC Health Actuarial Task Force by the Joint American Academy of Actuaries & Society of Actuaries Individual Disability Tables Work Group.

While GGY has made every effort to ensure the accurate reproduction of the published values, users should check these values before relying on them.

Rules tables and Compound tables were created from base incidence, base claim termination rates, incidence modifiers and CTR modifiers to provide an example of how to get the final rates after modifiers. Users should review these table examples to see if they are appropriate for their model before using them directly.

Note that the CTR valuation margin was included in the Compound Termination table since the margin varies over time. It is expected that the incidence valuation margin will be added through the Mult scalar in front of the incidence table field.

The Rules tables reflect a typical Risk Class structure of Gender, Smoker Status and Occupation Class.

It is expected from the table examples that users would create separate cells for:

  • Contract Type (Overhead Expense, Individual, etc.)
  • Market Type (Employer Sponsored, Direct Bill, etc.)
  • Benefit Period Type (Lifetime, to age X, etc.)
  • Elimination Period
  • Accident/Sickness Only coverages

It is also expected that users would pass on disabled life records the proper CTR table to use for DLR calculation which would reflect the proper diagnosis.

The Claim Termination Rates were rounded to 5 decimal places.

This dataset is in AXIS 2015 Maintained version. It may be converted to later versions of AXIS and tables from this dataset can be transferred to your datasets.

Please review the Note Pad attached to each table object for more information about the table naming convention.

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