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Training Overview

One of the services that GGY offers as part of the AXIS Maintenance package is instruction on the use and application of the system.

We offer a formalized training process that gives you access to various topics through web based training and at scheduled times in a classroom format. This will allow you to pick and choose the training that is needed to meet your specific needs and schedule it well in advance, while allowing us to provide a wider range of training topics in an efficient manner. This scheduled training also offers you the opportunity of interaction with other users of diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Scheduled training is offered at GGY offices in Toronto. For further details on scheduled training courses, see Scheduled Training - Course Descriptions and Scheduled Training - Future Classes.

Please note that in order to sign up for  most of these classes you must have taken the preliminary Web Based Training for Overview and General Liability available at www.ggy.com/support/training/webbased.asp.

GGY is also willing to consider new courses requested by clients, either open to all clients or tailored to a client's specific requirements. Feel free to contact our training staff to discuss these options.

Please note that currently there is no extra charge for these scheduled training sessions (or for any training by our staff). This service is included as part of your current maintenance package. At some point in the future there may be a separate charge for particular courses on advanced topics, but we will let you know before you sign up.

Training classes are not the only way to learn about AXIS, DataLink and ScenarioTools. Extensive Windows style online help is provided with both systems and may be accessed through the Help Menu (found in the top line Menu Bar in AXIS). The F1 key also accesses the Help files and, in AXIS, this key is fully context sensitive and delivers specific help on the field where the cursor is located in any assumption screen. Extensive hyperlinks take you directly to related topics as may be available.

Basic "how to use" Help sections are included in AXIS, DataLink and ScenarioTools.  The AXIS Online Help system is also available for browsing through this website.

Of course, whenever available reference manuals are not sufficient, you may also contact GGY directly for personal support.

Please let us know if you have any accessibility requirements we should be aware of. Click here to review our accessibility service plan.

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