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Web Based Training

GGY AXIS is pleased to offer several web-based training sessions.

This approach has many advantages for users:

  • Training on demand, not limited to GGY’s availability and schedule.
  • Learn AXIS at your own pace.
  • Use as a reference tool. The site index allows easy access to specific topics of interest.
  • Experienced users can quickly run through the training to reinforce existing knowledge and introduce new AXIS functionality.

The following courses are available. Click one of the following links to begin training:

To get the most out of our web-based training, we strongly suggest that you have AXIS set up and running so that you can follow along and practice. If you do not have an AXIS key and wish to do the web-based training, please contact us - we can arrange a day for you to come to our office and do the training on our computers.  Also, please use the actual online training and not a printed version. That way you will learn from a current version and we can automatically credit you with completing the online training. Completion of the online training is mandatory before you can attend other training sessions.

We appreciate your comments and feedback. To help us continue to improve this training in the future, please send comments to Nadia Foglia, Nadia.Foglia@ggy.com.

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