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Your Transformation Solution

Life insurers are experiencing rapid changes due to the volatile economy, global competition and pending regulatory and accounting changes. Combined, these are placing increasingly greater demands on actuaries and the software they rely on. Now more than ever, actuarial modeling software is a strategic business decision that must address process as well as function, and must facilitate control yet be flexible and easy to maintain. In the brave new world of PBA, IFRS and ERM, many companies are embarking on financial transformation projects that embrace and challenge the entire actuarial function. Here’s how AXIS will help your actuaries transform themselves.

Convergent, Multiple-function Software

No longer do patch work collections of single-purpose actuarial modeling systems and spreadsheets offer the consistency of results, speed, transparency, control and integrity that are required by insurance companies. Unlike other systems, AXIS is already designed to address all these new priorities. AXIS is a comprehensive, integrated, ready-to-use modeling system. A single calculation engine and multiple use models ensure both internal consistency and efficiency of use. More >>>

Designed for User Productivity

Flexible analytical and reporting tools, integrated model building features such as DataLink and end-to end automation will improve your research and production processes. Our dedicated training and support team will help you to use AXIS effectively. More >>>

Continuous Enhancements

150 qualified professionals at GGY AXIS are dedicated to ensuring that AXIS is the only actuarial system you will ever need. New versions of AXIS are released monthly, and upgrading takes minutes or hours with built-in regression tools to assist in validation. More >>>

Enterprise Level Control and Security

Based on 26 years of innovation, AXIS is both incredibly flexible and robust, meeting all the needs of both production and research applications. With EnterpriseLink, released in August 2011 and included as part of AXIS, we introduced new enterprise level controls, security and process management. More >>>

AXIS is the solution that your financial transformation project envisioned. A partnership with GGY AXIS will make it happen.

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