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A personal GGY Account is required to access the GGY Secure File Transfer Utility and other restricted items on the web site. Please use the form below to log into your personal GGY account.

If you do not already have a GGY account, you can create one by clicking "Click Here to Create an Account" below. See Knowledge Base article 1467 for more information on creating your account and Knowledge Base article 3 for information on backing up and sending data to GGY AXIS. Note that this account is not the same as your company’s account which is required to download versions of AXIS.

To maintain the integrity of the Secure File Transfer Utility and the confidentiality of the files transferred, it is imperative that your account is never shared with anyone. If confidentiality of your password is compromised, please change your password immediately. Failure to keep your account confidential and secure may result in its cancellation, which will make it necessary for you to create a new account.

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