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Legacy Keys Will Be Discontinued June 1st, 2015: Support for legacy hardware and software license keys will end June 1st, 2015. AXIS versions released thereafter will require our User Based Key Licensing System. Please see Knowledge Base article 1848 or contact Michael Pomerantz for further information.

AXIS EnterpriseLink: EnterpriseLink 4.2.103 has been released and is available. Click here for information or contact Victor Rubinstein or Marina Mirzoyan about AXIS EnterpriseLink.

Notice of Upcoming Changes: Click here to learn about new and exciting systems features GGY is planning to introduce for AXIS and AXIS EnterpriseLink in 2014 and beyond, and new software requirements for AXIS.

SQL LocalDB Storage for DataLink: The new SQL LocalDB Storage for DataLink tables is now available in the May 2014 release of AXIS. The new format significantly improves capacity and performance when operating with large amounts of DataLink table data. Click here to learn more.

AXIS Monthly Releases: This article explains our version numbering and release cycle. For details contact Dave Noronha.

Server Farm Details Updated: See this article for the latest information on renting the GGY server farm to run large models.

Hedging Functionality: The Hedge Projection Module of AXIS integrates the simulation of dynamic hedging strategies within all pricing and projection of VA products, including the calculation of reserves and capital. The Daily Hedging Module supports the operation of a hedging program through the efficient overnight calculation of a full panel of option values and Greeks, based on latest economic parameters and multiple selected individual and combination shocks. Contact Trevor Howes for more information.

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