AXIS Actuarial Modeling System

What is AXIS

AXIS is a comprehensive actuarial modeling system for life insurance companies that provides a complete and seamless integration of pricing, valuation and modeling. AXIS is a solution offered and supported by Moody's Analytics, a large global company that is part of the Moody's Corporation. Yet the history of AXIS goes backs to the infancy of the actuarial software industry in Toronto, Canada.

AXIS is more than an actuarial analytic modeling tool. It is a full systems solution that extends from business data capture to advanced reporting and presentation of results. It addresses enterprise needs including the management of models and modeling team roles, in a well-governed and controlled environment, and the automated, end-to-end execution of large corporate models with optimal efficiency and total run time performance. AXIS comes with a full-service package that ensures model developers can be productive, can understand how the software operates and produces its results, and be confident that the total solution will be continually improved to address changing needs.

AXIS is one system. We deliver one system for all purposes, one system for all our clients. This comprehensive single-product philosophy helps us deliver a powerful, fast, flexible solution and ensure the highest integrity, validity, ease of use and consistency of results, both between different users, and from year to year.

AXIS is designed for performance. AXIS is professionally developed and designed to deliver what users need while making them more effective. Amazingly AXIS has been around for decades, yet is designed to meet both today's needs and tomorrow's challenges, because it is continually being enhanced by a large team of dedicated professionals. As a professionally developed software solution AXIS delivers ready-to-use functionality out-of-the-box, addressing the need for both flexibility and fast model development at the same time.

Technology in AXIS is state of the art, with unique database management functionality and scalable architecture for optimum speed, yet it operates on industry standard PC's, servers, and operating systems, whether on site or in the cloud.

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