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Moody’s Acquires GGY (03/01/2016), Significantly Enhances Insurance Risk Offerings: Moody’s Corporation (NYSE: MCO) announced today that it has acquired GGY, a leading provider of advanced actuarial software for the global life insurance industry. Combined with Moody’s Analytics’ insurance risk products, the acquisition creates an industry-leading enterprise risk offering for global life insurers and reinsurers. Click here for more information.

Client Support Portal Changes: We recently improved the GGY Client Support area on our website. Click here for details.

Notice of Upcoming Changes in AXIS Version 2017: AXIS EnterpriseLink or AXIS EnterpriseLink Solo is Required to Run AXIS. Starting with AXIS versions tentatively scheduled for release in August 2016, all clients will be required to install AXIS EnterpriseLink to run AXIS. Those who are running AXIS on a server will have to migrate applications to the full AXIS EnterpriseLink server environment, and users who are still running AXIS on their desktops and laptops will have to use AXIS EnterpriseLink Solo. AXIS 2017, AXIS 2016 Maintained and later versions will not run as standalone Windows applications. See Knowledge Base article 2036 for details. See also Knowledge Base article 2054: Transitioning to AXIS EnterpriseLink.

Legacy Keys Have Been Discontinued: The June 2015 release of AXIS 2015.11.02 is the last release to support Legacy Keys. AXIS versions released hereafter will require our User Based Key Licensing System. Please see Knowledge Base article 1848 or contact Michael Pomerantz for more information.

New Software Requirements Are In Effect: Required components must be installed on computers running AXIS versions starting with 2015.07.02. For details see Knowledge Base article 1866 and new installation instructions in Knowledge Base article 1924.

Expected Changes to AXIS Cell Structure: Changes are coming to AXIS through two new features that will impact how users set up and use liability module Cells.  The first change will impact the Cell assumption screens by introducing Assumption Sets.  This feature will relocate the actuarial assumptions currently found in Pricing and Reserve Sections and will greatly increase the number of assumption sets supported. Potential timing is 3Q 2016. See Knowledge Base article 1975 for more details.  The second change will be the introduction of new Cell Tags to clearly document and define the intended scope of each Cell.  This feature is also expected to arrive later in 2016, and is described in Knowledge Base article 1991.

AXIS EnterpriseLink: EnterpriseLink 4.5.201 has been released and is available. Click here for information or contact Victor Rubinstein or Marina Mirzoyan about AXIS EnterpriseLink.

SQL LocalDB Storage for DataLink: The SQL LocalDB Storage for DataLink tables is available in AXIS. The new format significantly improves capacity and performance when operating with large amounts of DataLink table data. Click here to learn more.

Hedging Functionality: The Hedge Projection Module of AXIS integrates the simulation of dynamic hedging strategies within all pricing and projection of VA products, including the calculation of reserves and capital. The Daily Hedging Module supports the operation of a hedging program through the efficient overnight calculation of a full panel of option values and Greeks, based on latest economic parameters and multiple selected individual and combination shocks. Contact Trevor Howes for more information.

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