AXIS Maintenance

Moody's Analytics is dedicated to supporting and improving AXIS. We ensure the system remains up-to-date and easy to use, and that the service we provide is complete and timely. AXIS clients have access to a comprehensive maintenance package.

Technical Assistance

Clients can contact our Client Support team with questions about the operation of the system, or the actuarial methods used in a specific calculation. We are committed to providing the best and fastest service possible to our clients. In many cases, your questions will be answered immediately. For complex questions involving some investigation on our part, we will contact you by the next business day.

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Although the system is easy to learn and use and comes with comprehensive on-line help, the learning curve of the user can be greatly enhanced through ongoing training. Initial training gets the user up and running but we recommend additional training so that the user can use AXIS most efficiently and take advantage of available functionality.

We instruct users in every facet of using AXIS with special emphasis on the features that make the user more productive. We offer scheduled training every month for every module, web-based training and live training.

We will provide any training necessary when updated versions of AXIS are installed. The cost of training is usually covered by regular maintenance fees. If it is not possible to complete the training at our AXIS offices, an additional charge to cover expenses may be required.

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System Enhancements

As part of the maintenance agreement, we will continue to make improvements to AXIS by incorporating additional features to make the system even more user friendly and productive for our users and to keep up with technology advances.

New Requirements

Regulatory, business and professional requirements change the actuarial environment periodically. We are committed to incorporating new requirements into AXIS on a timely basis. Normally these enhancements are included under the ongoing maintenance but since we do not control the changes needed there may be occasions where we need to charge an additional fee or maintenance fee if the changes required are unusually large.

Special Updates

Special updates pertain to user requests to modify AXIS to address specific needs. You will also receive special updates which are requested by other users of the system. Any request for a modification by any one user will generally be given to all users in the next release. Normally these requests are covered by the maintenance contract, however, we reserve the right to charge for specific enhancements depending on certain criteria:

  • If meeting the requested time frame for implementation will cause material impact on AXIS in terms of reallocating resources, delaying other planned developments, requiring an "incremental" release or causing a delay to a regular release
  • There may be a charge if the enhancement is unusually large, if the user requires many enhancements in a release or if we do not feel a feature would benefit other users either because the feature is company-specific or is a deviation from common practice
  • Any fees would be negotiated before starting the enhancement

New Tables

As new industry experience tables of value to our clients are introduced, we will incorporate these tables and include them with our regular updates.