AXIS Service Model

Since its beginning, AXIS founders committed the company to a customer focused business model, emphasizing excellence of the system quality, as well as exemplary and comprehensive client support, all included as part of the standard product licensing and maintenance agreement. That commitment continues today and has been a foundation of a strong reputation and high customer loyalty.

The key components of our service model include comprehensive and full user support in learning and understanding AXIS and a continuous and ongoing system enhancement process so that AXIS will continue to meet clients' needs as practices, markets, regulation, standards of practice and technology evolves.

Our dedicated actuarial programmers and client support professionals ensure AXIS is continually enhanced and expanded to meet the needs of the ever-changing actuarial environment and the specific needs of our clients. A large team of experienced actuarial and IT support personnel are available to provide full training and help desk support.

Since AXIS is a vendor maintained core system, we manage the use and impact of user programmed algorithms and assure the upgradeability of all models and applications in AXIS even where IT architectures and infrastructures change or new actuarial and accounting frameworks demand application redesign. We maintain a continuous user model evolution and continuous software upgrade path without requiring software relicensing or model recoding.

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