GridLink as a Service (GlaaS)

GridLink as a Service - Cloud Based Server Farms on Demand

A New Processing Choice for AXIS Jobs

We are pleased to announce the availability of GridLink as a Service (GlaaS), an exciting and convenient option for the fast and economical execution of critical AXIS applications.

GlaaS can be made quickly available for your teams to use without the need to update the versions of either EnterpriseLink or AXIS, and most likely with minimal or no change to your AXIS models. It can help provide a cost-effective addition to your existing processing capacity or an alternative to adding new or expanding existing on-premise server farm infrastructure.

What is GlaaS?

GlaaS is a fully automated service for clients to submit AXIS jobs for distributed processing in Moody's Analytics cloud-based infrastructure under a pay-per-use model.

If you need to run AXIS jobs and do not have an on premise GridLink farm or simply need additional processing capacity on a temporary or on-going basis, GlaaS will provide easy and controlled access to farms of up to several thousand cores each, automatically provisioned for your jobs on demand. GlaaS supports AXIS jobs that use Moody's Analytics Structured Finance API (SF API) in distributed calculation runs, as well as SQL Server for batch calculation output.

GlaaS can be added to the options for batch execution and will automatically handle the requesting and preparation of the needed Grid capacity in the cloud dedicated to your job, the execution of that job, and the release of cloud resources, without the need for any intervention or assistance by your IT personnel or ours.

GlaaS is hosted and managed by Moody's Analytics in a cloud environment with a very large and elastic computational capacity. The cloud capacity used and the corresponding AXIS GridLink license fees are charged on the actual core hour usage. There are no initial set up fees or additional licensing charges.