GridLink as a Service

GridLink as a Service (GlaaS)

GlaaS Usage

The cost of using GlaaS is determined by charges applied to total core-hours used, which cover all hardware, networking, storage and transport fees as well as the GridLink software license and Moody's Analytics technical support related to GlaaS implementation and usage:

  • You pay for what you use measured as core-hours of computing capacity while it is provisioned for your jobs
  • There are no upfront fees for the arrangement and configuration of the pay-as-you-go GlaaS subscription nor additional charges during the time it is held ready for use
  • If you expect regular and substantial use of GlaaS you can purchase pre-paid blocks of core-hours from Moody's Analytics at bulk discount rates

Get Started

For more details on how GlaaS works from a user point of view, and for technical discussions on capabilities, costs, and the implementation process, please contact:

To enjoy the benefits of processing capacity on demand, a specific contract amendment for GlaaS is required. To start these discussions, please contact: