AXIS Earnings By Source Module

AXIS Earnings by Source Modules are separately licensed enhancements to each of the liability modules that support the analysis of projected and actual earnings by the major sources of profit (also called Gain and Loss analysis).

The modules enable the creation of various movement analysis reports (policy count, reserves, etc.) on a planned or actual basis, and the creation of data to allow preparation of flexible experience analysis reports that compare actual to expected movements by number or amount or calculate average rates of actual to exposed experience.

Earnings by Source functionality is available to use with all the AXIS liability modules (with the exception of the AXIS Group Annuity Module). The approach to the reporting format for the earnings analysis uses one of two approaches reflecting fundamental differences in the way different product types are managed:

  • Traditional EBS Report format, which is applicable to traditional products, modeled in the Regular, Par, Disability and Payout annuity modules
  • Fund-based EBS Report, which is applicable to flexible fund-based products modeled in the Universal Life module and the accumulation phase within the Annuity module

Earnings by Source analysis is available for Canadian PPM in all liability modules, as well as for US GAAP and various net premium methods in the Regular Life and Disability modules.