AXIS Universal Life Module

The AXIS Universal Life Module is frequently used for:

  • Pricing and design
  • Valuation
  • Financial Statements
  • Statistics on number of lives and total face amounts
  • Cashflow projection and testing
  • Surplus adequacy testing
  • Required Surplus
  • Illustration actuary testing
  • Embedded Value and appraisal
  • Asset liability management
  • Stochastic analysis
  • Margin analysis
  • Aggregate stochastic reserve and capital requirement based on CTE methodology
  • NAIC Financials
  • US GAAP Financials

The AXIS Universal Life Module contains a comprehensive collection of features for modeling UL insurance policies, including:

  • Variable Universal Life
  • Specified premium and shadow account no lapse guarantees
  • Multiple policyholder investment accounts of various types
  • Policy loan modeling
  • Multiple reinsurance treaties
  • Modeling policy riders with base policy
  • Multiple Life policies and multiple decrement assumptions
  • Policyholder behavior modeling
  • Dynamic Valuation

The AXIS Universal Life module supports many reserves methods, including:

  • Principles-Based Valuation (US)
  • Policy Premium Method (PPM)
  • Commissioners Reserve Valuation Method
  • XXX reserves, NAIC Model Regulation 830
  • AXXX reserves, NAIC Actuarial Guideline XXXVIII
  • Variable Life GMDB reserves
  • NAIC Actuarial Guideline XXXVII
  • New York Regulation 147

Up to six reserve bases may be run simultaneously.